Life Update: My Biggest Aha Moment Yet!

picture of Alisa Manjarrez

Last November, I had an aha moment that changed my life.

I had been fighting against feelings of restlessness and boredom as VP of Marketing Operations at a global software company. I was resistant to making a big change and working elsewhere. I felt like I had really grown up there over the last four years; I faced some major challenges but I also had some big wins. It would be hard to leave (plus the income wasn’t too bad, either).

I thought about my coaching practice (I’m going on eight years as a coach, now!). I love coaching in addition to my “main thing,” where I can deeply focus on only a few key special people at a time. Coaching will forever be a passion of mine, but for me, not my full-time career. Plus, I was never into becoming a trendy millennial coach for the sake of being the cool entrepreneur, waving fake freedom and fun into everyone’s faces, anyway. (Let’s face it: if you know me, you I know how to have fun doing anything, anywhere, no matter where I work.)

But what would be my next move???

white point beach
(White Point Beach, where I like to think)

As I went through past passions and successes with my (amazing) coach, we identified patterns and themes that combined my coaching, business strategy and marketing skills.

My first job out of college was doing vision-casting sessions with church leaders. These sessions led to building facilities costing millions of dollars. I helped to organize teams of architects, engineers, and contractors to make it happen. Then, I worked for a friend who had a foodie website (TasteFresno) and we turned it into a thriving on and offline community. And over the next decade, the projects and visions I produced only got bigger. I was more than a marketer, more than a coach; I was also a thought partner, a vision producer.

“That’s it! I’m a Vision Producer!”

As I drove home from LA on Highway 99 to Fresno for Thanksgiving, I felt a tug in my heart saying, “This is it. This is your next move. Not for later. For now. The future is now.”

Driving down the dark roads, past the endless rows of agriculture, I was inspired and exhilarated. “Yes! The future is now!”

Two weeks later, I got the shocking news that I was being laid off from my corporate job and my last day would be December 31. “What!? Um…wait…I didn’t mean *now* now!”

After reviewing various job opportunities, experiencing tears, numbness, and mixed emotions, I took a couple of weeks of much needed, uninterrupted rest. I started accepting my newly defined identity as a Vision Producer. Now, I’m owning it, and I’m envisioning myself partnering with people from the dreaming stage to full execution on bigger than life projects.

It’s been almost three (busy) weeks of being on my own as an entrepreneur. I have no paying Vision Production clients yet, but I have a world of opportunity ahead of me. I’m dreaming big, just like my future clients. This is it, guys. The future is now.

Helping powerful women get clarity at The Happy Cactus. Producer of the Color Forward podcast, co-host of Seriously Though podcast. More:

Helping powerful women get clarity at The Happy Cactus. Producer of the Color Forward podcast, co-host of Seriously Though podcast. More: