Around The World with Alisa and Michael [Seriously Though]

With quarantine seemingly not going away anytime soon, Michael (my wealth adviser, most notably my brother and podcast co-host) and I decided it was time to call for reinforcements. Since we’re both foodies, we wanted to know what our friends have been eating during this peculiar COVID-19 season.

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If you’re tired of staying in, try making the recipes below to feel like you’re traveling…from home.

Follow her on IG. Originally from Paris, now living in London. Get the recipe for French custard pie.

Jantien Tap. What she’s eating: Stroop waffles

Follow her on IG. Lives in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. What she’s eating: Stroop waffles. Get the recipe.

Follow her on IG. Originally from Pakistan, now living in Canada. What she’s eating: curries, biryani, matar pilau, kaftas.

Biryani. Originated in the Indian subcontinent. Combination of curry and rice. Arguably the most favorite dish of Pakistanis. Get the recipe.

Kaftas on skewers. Get the recipe. Or an alternate with English subtitles.

Niiamah Ashong

Follow him on IG. Originally from New York, now living in Singapore. What he’s eating: takeout! Roasted chicken when he’s feeling healthy, Shake Shack when he’s not.

Merary Simeon

Originally from Puerto Rico, now living in Texas. What she’s eating: Sofrito — 4 onions, 3 garlic heads, oregano, cilantro, culantro, 2 green peppers (pimiento cubano), salt, oil, sweet red peppers, 1/2 bottle of olives. Blend in blender. Save in ice cube trays!

Follow her on IG. Originally from Germany, now living in New Zealand. Get the recipe for German potato pancakes.

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